Camille's Cooking

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Camille Orrichio Loccisano loves food and people and the magical energy that joins the two over the course of life. She has been a food professional for over three decades as a restaurant owner, caterer, food columnist and cooking instructor to learning challenged children and teens.

Camille's interest in all things culinary began as a little girl in New York City. Early on, she knew there were countless and exciting recipes to be discovered within the fabulous cultural mosaic of the five boroughs, and she has spent a lifetime embracing the delicious details. She now emerges as an authority on the rich goodness of foods in the New York Metropolitan area, most especially the endless journey of recipes representing Italian New York.

Starting in her grandmother's Italian kitchen, Camille developed her cooking chops and learned the art of cooking as well as the joy that food can bring into the lives of others. As a teen, she worked in a family owned restaurant, and she found the most rewarding spot to be right in the kitchen next to the chef. She continued to grow in her food knowledge as an adult. She now teaches how to live an enriched life with delicious and wonderfully prepared food as an important tool toward that goal!

With three grown sons and with her youngest now in college, Camille's personal story as a single mom is compelling.  Her oldest son passed away from cancer as a teen. After he left, she Had a difficult time entering her kitchen again, both personally and professionally. However, she finally marched into her kitchen to prepare his favorite meal, and an overwhelming sense of peace came to her. She realized that her profession could be a small key toward healing. She also knew that via her son's favorite recipe, she could still share a part of his life with others. This led her to coin her special term, 'Foodships."

She further realized the special connection of food and people via her middle son. he is non-verbal and on the autistic spectrum, and food is a special way to connect with him. she believes that the strong and real connection of food, people and relationships is something to be celebrated and shared with the world. Through it all, she is constantly romanced by the happiness, inspiration, emotions, and love that food brings into our lives, and she delivers it all in her inaugural cookbook, "Foodships: Living Life, One Recipe at a Time."